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Back To School!

I hate to break it to you but unfortunately yes, the time for back to school is upon us. I know, I know don't go crying to your pillows, well not yet at least. The first day of school can be stressful as hell. Trust me I am going into my senior year of high school, I have definitely had my fair share of first days. The first day doesn't have to be hell on earth, which is what I am here to try and help with.

Last year around this time I posted some back to school tips that I still stand by to this day. You can check out that post here:10 Back to School Lifesavers!

I have also done a post all about friendships which I also think is very important when starting a new school year and making new friends. Check that post out here: Friendships: The Good and the Toxic

Now that we have all my other posts that I think are helpful for the new school year listed, lets get into this one.
Today I am going to show you my go to makeup look for everyday at school. It is extremely easy and fas…

Mornings With Katie!

It is still summer which means waking up doesn't necessarily mean getting out of bed and powering through a busy day. Don't get it twisted, I do spend a lot of time running around during the summer and spending time with others, but I am also extremely guilty of waking up half way through the day and spending the rest of the daylight hours in my comfy clothes. I honestly think that those comfy days are just me living my best life. 
Today the goal is to guide you through some of my morning essentials. Things that make my mornings happy and enjoyable.

Music is an absolute must have in my mornings. My mood really deciedes what playlist I listen too. For example most of the summer I have been listening to a playlist full of happy upbeat music in the morning to really get me going. Whereas if I wake up in a bad mood I will usually just play the G Eazy When its Dark Out album on repeat because it kinda makes me feel like a bad ass. Spotify is a lifesaver for discovering new music a…