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My April Favourites!

April has come and gone much faster than expected. I always find that this time of the year goes by so quickly compared to other months. With the buzz of y bust schedule I have found myself loving a small group of items. I have reached for these products and items continuously throughout the busy month and I thought I would share them with you.

1) My Planner
The business of months can quickly knock you off your feet, and not in a good way. Having a daily planner with all my events and commitments laid out for me in an organized manner helped me stay focused and on task all month. I would highly suggest picking yourself up a planner if you are ever feeling stressed out about work overload or a crazy busy schedule.
2) Makeup Bag
Not only was April busy as can be I also spent a lot of time travelling. When it comes to travelling I don't want to spend anytime worrying about if my makeup is shattered or falling apart. I have found myself always reaching for this Zoella Beauty b…