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My Movie Night Picks!

Movie nights are hands down one of my favourite ways to sit back and have a good time. The movie of choice can either make or break the night. I would say I am fairly well versed in movies. So in hopes to share my knowledge with you I have created a well rounded list of movies that i personally love. From independent movies to high speed action your sure to find a movie you love.

Title 1: Ashby
I discovered Ashby one late night on Netflix. The story line is intriguing but not to confusing. I enjoyed this movie because it was an emotional roller coaster. I found myself laughing, crying, and overly frustrated. Since that night I have watched that movie over again multiple times and everytime I watch it I love it even more.
Ashby Trailer!

Title 2: The Submarine Kid
The submarine kid is an independent movie that will keep you engaged from start to finish. I balled my eyes out multiple times during this film, and rightfully so. The plot is full of ups and downs and I found myself re…

Easter Excitement!

Easter, a fun-filled couple of days full of pastel colours and smiling children. Easter is sometimes a holiday that is thrown away. I find that in my life Easter seems to be right around the time of the year that is ridiculously busy. My family often doesn't come together for a crazy egg hunt nor do we get the chance to sit down every year for a turkey dinner. But you don't need all those things to have a good Easter.

       You're probably wondering what exactly I like about Easter if I don't tend to participate in the traditional Easter shenanigans, but there is a reason. I love Easter because of the flowers and the colours and the general happy bright vibe that everyone tends to have during the long weekend. I am a complete sucker for a pretty flower and a sunny day. And no unfortunately Easter does not always land on a gorgeous sunny day, but who cares. I think that the most important part of Easter is being able to relax and spent as much time as possible …

Come Hiking With Me!

Now before we get started I want to make this very clear. I am in no way shape or form an expert hiker. I don't own hiking boots and I have never gone on an extreme hike that spanned more than one day. This post is going to be mostly for the people who like to go for hikes around their city or near where they live. The easy hikes that everyone goes on and takes pictures of. Don't get me wrong, I love exercising and going for a good hike, but did you really go on the hike if you didn't take a photo?
       In this post I am going to show you what I would typically bring with me during a small hike. I know when I fist started to go for short little hikes I had no idea what to bring. So I am hoping that this post will be helpful to people who are just getting into going for hikes or have already started but don't know what to bring.

Clothing is very important while hiking. You want to feel comfortable but also not be too hot or too cold. (especially in Can…