10 Things to do Everyday!

       There are little things that can easily make you a healthier and happier person. Below I have listed things that you should try and do everyday to lighten your mood and cleanse your mind and body. 

1) Drink More Water!
I know I definitely DO NOT drink enough water. This year I made it my goal to drink more water everyday. No body wants to be dehydrated! It is recommend that you drink up to 8 glasses of water everyday! 8 glasses is a lot of water and you and me both know I definitely don't drink that much water everyday but we can try!

2) Make your Bed!
I myself have been making my bed every morning for almost a year. Personally it makes me feel productive and like I'm starting the day off right. It also makes you look so much more organized and makes your room look clean!

3) Moisturize!
Ain't nobody wants to have peeling dry skin when summer rolls around. Just like the water I don't moisturize as much as I should but I have been trying to every time I get out of the shower and you should too!

4) Be Active!
I feel like these days people see being active as such a big task but honestly the littlest bit goes a long way! Try doing some easy yoga stretches in the morning or go for a walk with your dog! I personally have been going on tons of hikes lately and it is so fun! (You can also get some cute Instagram's out of it too!)

5) Look in the Mirror!
I know this sounds stupid like "Katie everyone looks in the mirror everyday" Yes I know but there is a point to this. Try and look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself something that you love about yourself everyday. Tell yourself you look good girl cause you do! This has been such a confidence booster for me and it puts a smile on my face!

6) Read a Book!
Reading a couple pages of a book everyday can open your mind and help you become more creative. Not only does reading reduce tress it also improves your focus and concentration. 

7) Make a to do List!
I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with the tasks of the day. Making an organized list can help you get through these tasks faster and reduce stress. It makes me feel very productive to have everything I need to do written out on paper, instead of trying to remember everything.  

8) Meditate!
I have already made an entire blog post about meditation and why I think it is so good for you. I'm not going to elaborate much on why it is so important to me, but I will link that blog post below!

9) Leave Your Phone Alone!
I know hoe had it is to put down my phone. These days our whole lives are on our phone and we are always using them. Taking a little time away from your phone can help you relax and slow down. We often find ourselves caught up in the fast pace world that we are living in and putting down your phone and just taking in your surrounding  for around 20-30 minutes each day is very important. 

10) Reflect on Your Day! 
Every night before bed I try and reflect on what I did that day. What went well in my day and what could have gone better. I also try and think about what I can improve about my day for the next. It helps me slow down before bed and end the day off nicely. 

       Overall I hope you guys found this blog post helpful and interesting. If there is anything else that you do everyday that you think should also be on the list let me know in the comments!

Happy Thoughts!


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