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Product Pin it's!

More often than not you tend to see people talking all about their makeup hates, or products that didn't work for them. Or there are the people that always talk about the same products over and over again. Today I want to bring to the stage my favourites, high end and drugstore products. The products range from skin care and makeup to hair products. Hopefully my reviews can help you make your next shopping list to the drugstore a little bit simpler.
Happy thoughts!

1) Tarte Lights Camera Splashes Mascara
The reason I really love this mascara is the way it really separates your lashes. It gives them amazing volume and length which is something I really look for in a mascara. I know you can also get this mascara in a non waterproof formula!

2) Elf Volume Plumping Mascara
Another amazing mascara but on the cheaper side. This mascara does exactly what it says, volume plumping. It also gives amazing length which …

Friendships: The Good and the Toxic

How do you sort the good from the bad? Avoiding toxic relationships isn't a skill you're born with, (though I wish it was) and it can take a long time to really find "your people." We find ourselves caught up in time and other aspects of life that we don't realize that we are truly unhappy.

       It took me a long time to try and figure out what made me happy. I found myself stuck hanging around with people who I didn't like and people who made me feel down about myself. Once I realized those people were toxic I took a good three months (at least) to distance myself and rebuild friendship with other people. I've learned that sometimes the people that you have been friends with the longest may not be the best person for you. Distancing those people from my life helped me begin an ongoing journey of finding myself and the people I clique with.

       Unfortunately there isn't a guide of how to find the right friends nor can I provide you with o…