The Motivator!

Hi lovelies, I am going to try and keep the writing of this post very short and sweet. Lately I have been so motivated with not only my blog but my whole life. I have written three blog posts in the past day and I am so excited for you to see them. By the time this post is up you would have already seen them but that's not the point. 
I feel like in the summer months is when people start to really lack motivation. And usually I'm like that too! But now I feel like I am more motivate than ever. So I am creating this post in hopes to share some of my favorite motivational quotes and posts that I really love. Some of these might not be your faves but I hope You can find one in this bundle of photos that really speak to you. 
Sometimes in life all we need is a little push to really get us going and I am hoping that one of these quotes can do the pushing to really set you onto a motivated path.
Thank so much for all the love and support on my blog lately! 
Qotd: What is your all t…

August/Summer Favourites!

Hey guys! I know I normally only do 1 post every two weeks but I thought I wold do a bonus post this week because August and summer break is unfortunately over. Also I haven't posted about my monthly favourites since April. And let me tell a lot can change in that amount of time! These are just random bits that I have been all over lately! 

Lash Paradise! This product came out and I could not believe the hype. People were freaking out over this mascara like they have never seen a mascara before. Obviously I was influenced to buy it by all of the youtubers and bloggers having a field day over it. And let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, this lives up to all of the expectations. I was blown away. I have never tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because I had heard such mixed reviews about it and I already have a high end mascara that I love. (Tarte Lights Camera Splashes) But if this mascara is compairible to the Too Faced mascara it must be good right?! Seriously th…

Back To School!

I hate to break it to you but unfortunately yes, the time for back to school is upon us. I know, I know don't go crying to your pillows, well not yet at least. The first day of school can be stressful as hell. Trust me I am going into my senior year of high school, I have definitely had my fair share of first days. The first day doesn't have to be hell on earth, which is what I am here to try and help with.

Last year around this time I posted some back to school tips that I still stand by to this day. You can check out that post here:10 Back to School Lifesavers!

I have also done a post all about friendships which I also think is very important when starting a new school year and making new friends. Check that post out here: Friendships: The Good and the Toxic

Now that we have all my other posts that I think are helpful for the new school year listed, lets get into this one.
Today I am going to show you my go to makeup look for everyday at school. It is extremely easy and fas…

Mornings With Katie!

It is still summer which means waking up doesn't necessarily mean getting out of bed and powering through a busy day. Don't get it twisted, I do spend a lot of time running around during the summer and spending time with others, but I am also extremely guilty of waking up half way through the day and spending the rest of the daylight hours in my comfy clothes. I honestly think that those comfy days are just me living my best life. 
Today the goal is to guide you through some of my morning essentials. Things that make my mornings happy and enjoyable.

Music is an absolute must have in my mornings. My mood really deciedes what playlist I listen too. For example most of the summer I have been listening to a playlist full of happy upbeat music in the morning to really get me going. Whereas if I wake up in a bad mood I will usually just play the G Eazy When its Dark Out album on repeat because it kinda makes me feel like a bad ass. Spotify is a lifesaver for discovering new music a…

The Great Outdoors!

It has recently come to my attention that I apparently come off as quite an outdoorsy person. Don't get me wrong I was told this by a semi intoxicated boy at a party but either way it got me thinking. In all honesty I understood where he was coming from. If you take a look at my current Instagram the last group of photos (other than birthday and dance posts) are typically all me outside or a picture of a nice view. Needless to say I guess I do spend a decent amount of time in what we call the great outdoors, if I'm being real with you right now I am sitting on my deck as I write this post up. The real question swirling around my little pea sized head was "how did Katie Harding the blog writing beauty become such an outdoorsy person?"
So I may not have the answer to that question and I am trying my best to not let it pick at my brain. But I have accumulated an album of photos that I have taken or that people have taken of me that I would love to share with you…


Summer is the time to get stuck in your head and spend some real time thinking. Whether I'm lying on the beach or sitting on the sofa, I find myself doing a lot of deep thinking. And sometimes whats in your head can be scary as hell! In the next year my life is going to change drastically, in September I will be heading into my last year or high school. An if all goes as planned I will be graduating in January. Now before I post this I know there are going to be an abundance of comments asking me what I plan to do after high school and the truth is I really don't have any plans. I have had many ideas pop up in my head but I honestly don't feel comfortable trying to pick one thing that I want to focus on for my future. And I have totally come to terms with that. In high school there is so much pressure on kids to have their futures completely planned out, which I think is completely ridiculous! I don't understand how an adult can ask a 17 year old teen to plan ou…

Come to the Beach With Me!

Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I posted but I promise I am back!I had such a good response on my Come Hiking With Me post that I thought I would do another one but beach addition. Summer is finally upon us in British Columbia and I could not be more excited for it. A couple exams in school and I will officially be on summer break. Usually I spend summer relaxing on the beach in the sun and I have accumulated what I think is a really good assortment beach bag necessities. Keep reading to find out what I keep in my beach bag!

Most of the items in my bag that are always there are beauty related items. I didn't want to go into too much depth because other products and items are constantly changing, like my towel and bathing suit. The bag I usually take to the beach is backpack with gold details. Unfortunately this bag doesn't have a label or tag on it anywhere so I have no idea what brand it is. I also tried to find a similar one so I could link it for you but …